Contemporary African cuisine and traditional shisanyama made with passion and professionalism

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of shisanyama, sizzling over glowing coals or watching mama’s pap slowly babbling over an open fire. Come try it for yourself! We’re passionate about keeping it authentic and real, but most importantly we’re passionate about the family favourites, that you know and love.

The 'Mkhaya' way

At Mkhaya we recognize that your favourite dishes take time to prepare and even more time to clean. So we take the hassle out of that burden and prepare your favourite sishebos after a thorough cleaning process, patient cooking time and meticulous packaging adding our special secret Mkhaya recipes. We ensure that we bring your beloved mogodu, chicken hardbody, tlhakwane, oxtail and more to your family with a sincere passion and professionalism.

Family favourites

Traditionally, South African food is shared, loved and enjoyed by friends and family at home and we’re passionate about traditional family favourites.

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